Common Winter Household Pests and How to Keep Them Out

Wednesday, December 2, 2020


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Most houses often get infested with pests during the winter seasons. Unlike some animals that hibernate in winter, pests search for food sources and places of warmth. Therefore, it becomes necessary to put down measures to protect your home from pest infestations. These are a few tips to consider over the next few months to safeguard your home from common winter pests such as the following listed here.

Mice and rats

Mice and rats are the most commonly encountered pests. These rodents are capable of fitting through small holes in the wall or openings around the house. They can also come in through chimneys, cracks in roofing tiles, and abandoned pipelines. Therefore, filling these holes and replacing damaged roof tiles in the house prevents the entry of mice and rats. Covering all chimneys, channels and sealing air vents with wire mesh are effective ways of eliminating these pests. You should also consider regularly cleaning out your garage, attic, and less visited rooms cluster free.


Spiders are often found in scarcely visited rooms, cupboards, and cracks, so you can keep them out by sealing all exterior cracks and holes. Also, consider making it a habit to check rooms and cabinets that are seldom-used frequently. Hovering branches make it easy for the spiders to get in, and you are likely to find spiders where insects that are attracted by light are. And if the insects can get in, the spider can also get in the same way. Therefore, you can keep your outside lights off and block any opening that the insects can enter through. Covering windows with curtains or blinds is also an effective way of keeping spiders out.


Cockroaches often hide in dark places like basements, cupboards, and under scarcely moved furniture. They are also capable of causing lots of infections and allergies. They usually come in through cracks and holes since they cannot survive in temperatures below 15 degrees. These pests can be avoided by regularly tidying your house, taking out the trash, cleaning basements and other dark areas of the house.


You are likely to encounter raccoons if you live in the forest regions, and they get into the home often through chimneys and attics. You can avoid them by keeping trash cans outside and covered properly with animal-proof lids. You can also inspect your house for cracks and openings and seal them. Also, consider installing wire meshes in air vents and chimneys.

Birds and bats

Birds and bats can also come into your home through chimneys, open windows, and doors. Therefore, to avoid them, consider shutting your doors and windows frequently. If you wish to keep them open, consider putting blinds or window nets.

Some pests like bed bugs, ants, moths, and fleas can also infest your home if you don't implement the necessary measures. If your home is suffering from pest infestation already, you can call on local exterminators to help rid your space of these pests before the winter season comes.

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