Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny Recommends Natural Beauty Products

Tuesday, December 22, 2020


Natural products are all the rage these days and for good reason.  It's important that when you take care of your body, beauty routine and even your hair, you use natural products that won't do damage to your skin and body.  I love using natural products even in the heat of the summer when it comes to choosing a good sunscreen.  Natural products don't have artificial ingredients and weird toxins, which is why Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny shared some of her favorite natural products.  Here are just some of the ones that you should definitely integrate into your natural beauty and skincare routine.

Antonym Baked Blush - Made with ingredients from natural farming, this product is vegan friendly and gives you a beautiful natural glow.  Even if you don't go all out with your makeup routine, adding a little blush can really brighten your look. 
Chocolate Sun Body Scrub -  The ingredient in these scrubs are from organic growers and again are vegan friendly. The natural and organic ingredients are gentle on the skin but are highly concentrated so a little will go a long way, making a product like this last longer and give you more value for the money. 

Ever Eco Reusable Facial Pads - These pads are much more eco-friendly and sustainable since they aren't being thrown into the trash after each use. You just rinse them and hang them to try.  They have bamboo in them which is one of my favorite things in products I use. They help with cleansing your face and even removing masks.
 Huella Polish - This is a much cleaner option versus regular polish and is vegan friendly and cruelty free. You also get a professional grade brush to apply the polish and it's known to be high quality and long lasting. 

Hynt Concealer - Another great vegan option, this concealer is known to work very well and a little bit goes a long way since it's so concentrated. There are plenty of shades to choose from.  Concealer is something I get picky with since it's literally laying against my face all day so I always try to pick natural. 

Lily Lolo BB Cream - This cream has lots of great natural ingredients and is ideal for light coverage when you use it on it's own and also great to layer on before your foundation. 

Nudus Lipstick - Since lipstick goes as close to your mouth as possible without ingesting it, natural lipstick is always a great choice.  This one has a nice glossy finish and is made from 27 natural active ingredients! It's also gluten free and isn't tested on animals.  The ingredients are also certified organic. 

Vapour Foundation - If you love to contour, this foundation is an excellent choice.  It's easy to apply and it's 100% natural which also means it's great for all skin types! You can go for a smooth look or a matte look depending on how you apply it. 

Zuii Organic Concealer Pencil - If you love pencils like I do, you'll love these! They use real organic ingredients and are very easy to apply. These creamy pencils glide right onto the areas you want to conceal.  Easy to use and all natural!

Remember to be mindful of not just what you put in your body but onto your body as well and choose natural products whenever you can! Hopefully, these suggestions will get you started.

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