I Finally Tried Pup Mom Crate - Here's My Review + Coupon Code

Tuesday, December 15, 2020


So for months and months I have seen ads for Pup Mom Crate which I always thought was pretty cool to have a monthly subscription service for fellow dog moms like myself.  I finally caved in and took advantage of a buy one get one deal and got the November box and December box.  Below is what came in each and my honest opinions!

November Box
The November box had a retail value of $103 and came with some pretty cool stuff.  
Apron from With Love, Ani ($29.99)
I love aprons and this is super cute and adjustable for size. It even has pockets for your phone or dog treats! 
Pet Qwerks Dog Chew ($7.99)
Now, Daisy is a tiny girl because she's only a few months old and I didn't think she'd like this wishbone chew because it's huge even though we got the small dog box, but she loves it.   

Skin Chemists Eye Pads ($33)
So this is something for the humans and these are awesome. I used them right away.  They help brighten under the eye and give you a nice refreshed look.  My eyes are tired AF lately from having a puppy so this was a nice excuse to pamper myself. 

After Spa Facial Scrubber ($4)
I used this right away as well and you can use it many times over.  It really helps me exfoliate with my skin cleanser in the evenings before bed and removed all the dead skin.  And there's even a little hanger loop so you can hang it in your bathroom!

Shepherd Boy Farms Beef Liver Treats ($12.95)
The dogs love these freeze dried treats.  They are made in the USA and made from 100% natural ingredients.  They are high in important vitamins and minerals and are safe for dogs with allergies or limited diets.  

Exclusively Dog Wafer Cookies ($5.79)
I'm a sucker for anything that looks like human food and these are just that.  I give them as a dessert treat.  They are baked with human grade ingredients and baked in small batches. Another American made product of course!

Steel Dog Plush Toy ($9.99)
So this pheasant stuffy had a tennis ball inside. I thought it might be too big for Daisy but nope, she loves it. She loves the tail feathers and carries it around by them.  It's great as a fetch toy for bigger dogs!

December Box
A retail value of $137, this box did NOT disappoint, especially for the holidays! 

Loving Pets Chicken Nuggets ($2.99)
The dogs can't stay away from me when I have these out.  They are free of corn and soy and have no by products.  
Loving Pets Chips ($5.99)
I use these chicken and cranberry treats for training and I love the nice resealable bag.  Again, 100% USA made. 
Nandi Ostrich Freeze Dried Treats ($9.99)
Super meaty and delicious, according to my dogs of course.  These are great to fulfill the need of every dog deep down inside...to be a carnivore.  With a unique protein source, I was so excited to have the dogs try these. They're a big hit! 
Ornament from With Love, Ani ($13.99)
A World's Best Dog Mom ornament? Say no more! How cute!! I am so proud to add it to my tree.  It's so pretty! 
Bonne Et Filou Dog Macarons ($23)
Another adorable and unique type of treat for the pups! I will be giving these to them on Christmas Eve! 

Santa Mermaid Toys by Fringe Studio ($14)
How cool is this three pack of Santa mermaid toys?! Daisy loves toys so she is in heaven.  They are super soft and there's no stuffing so no need to worry about her shredding it. 

fouFIT Elf by foufouBRANDS ($13.99)
An adorable crinkly sounding elf toy that Daisy is now obsessed with. It's a great stocking stuffer too.  And there's a squeaker inside! 

Meet Me In Miami Bandana for Dogs and Headband for Mom ($26 and $12)
How cute! Matching bandanas! I can't wait to wear this over Christmas and dress Daisy up with her little bandana. 

Earth Harbor Cleanser ($19)
This is also for humans.  It's ethically sourced and all natural and has ocean nutrients and organic island botanicals.  What a great way to spoil myself!
So overall, I do love this box and I think it's fair for the price.  I love that they give full sized toys and treats rather than tiny samples.  There are also coupon codes for every brand included in each box which is another cool bonus!  

When you sign up you get to choose the size of your dog so the things in your box may vary depending on your dog's size but there's also something else cool that they do.  If it is your dog's birthday month you get a bonus treat inside!
Use my code: AskAway10  on the Pup Mom Crate website for $4 off your first box! It's so worth it to try it out even if it's just for a month. The beautiful box is so pretty and exciting to open!

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