How I Stick To My Healthy Eating During Holidays

Wednesday, December 16, 2020


So I've been on a weight loss journey since September which I'll share more about at the end of the month but one thing I wanted to touch on was how I stick with it through the holidays.  Most people wait till after the new year starts to work on this but I like the extra challenge of having to deal with holidays and celebrations.  So here's a few tips with how I do it.

I avoid temptation. 
Baking cookies is super fun but it's just too tempting for me to eat the cookies myself so while I get myself on track this year I decided to not make any.  It's not a huge loss because there are plenty of other years I can do it.  
I stick to my fitness routine. 
I take multiple walks a day to burn calories.  No matter what the temperature is or what I have going on during the day, even holiday themed things, I stick to that routine.  If I have something to do in the afternoon, I take more walks in the morning.   

I make healthier foods for holiday meals. 
Instead of regular potatoes, I make sweet potato casserole.  Instead of a million different unhealthy sides, I make corn casserole and sweet potato casserole, stuffing, turkey, and cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving with a dessert of pie.  For Christmas I'll do the same without the stuffing.  This means there's less for me to stuff myself with the day of, and it also helps me stick to a decent portion.  I eat one serving with no seconds.  When I'm finished eating, I wait 20 minutes instead of getting leftovers.  And by that time, my brain is listening to my stomach say it's full.  This has always worked very well for me. 

I stay active with holiday themed activities. 
I burn calories when I decorate, and I go on walks instead of driving to look at lights.  I clean the house regularly to prepare for guests even if none are coming.  This is how I keep moving despite being stuck inside if the weather is cold.  
 What do you do to keep up with your health goals? 

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