Confidence And You: How To Gain It

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Confidence is one of those things you hear about often. How it gives you what you need to succeed or to feel good. How it can improve your outlook on life and how you live it. But how do you get it? How do you build enough confidence to be able to give you the advantage that others have. Of course, overconfidence is usually a big no-no. Also, some people find gaining confidence supereasy but others find it incredibly hard. This is usually the case for those who are natural introverts. Your first step will depend on who you are, which is why any advice regarding confidence needs to be applied to in a way which suits you. In a bespoke way. Here are some to get you started.

How You Look

How you look likely influences the majority of people and their confidence. If you’re happy in the way you look and you’re feeling good the likelihood is that your confidence will be higher. You’ll be able to express yourself more openly and be a little more outgoing. Of course teeth play a huge part. Some people get veneers, others look for dentures supported by implants in the bone. Hair is also a confidence booster when it’s looking right and an easy thing to change. Weight plays a huge part too. The stigma about being overweight has been attacked in recent years but not to the point that it would stop people from worrying about how big their midriff is. Think about what you think about regarding your body and how you can help yourself with confidence.


What You Know

This certainly affects confidence in areas like the workplace or perhaps university and other educational areas. What you know directly impacts your confidence and your ability to do your job right and of course how other people perceive you. This is a fairly easy one to work on and simply means you need to study and learn. Sometimes this comes with experience. Other times it means you need to look elsewhere to glean the information you need. Being able to answer questions and work confidently is huge in the workplace and having the confidence to do so and help other people will set you on the path to promotion in no time. Highlight what areas need to be learnt and then get your head down.

Self Validation

Sometimes certain successes in your life give you validation and allow you to have an increased level of confidence. These validation points come from things like getting a degree, or winning an award. They give you things to fall back on and essentially mean that you can always look to those if other things in your life aren’t going well. It can include things like hitting high followers on Instagram, or becoming captain of a football team. Perhaps it's raising children. These little points should be clung to as best possible and can be used to give you that boost up to better things.

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