What To Say To A Pregnant Friend!

Thursday, December 10, 2020

You’ve just received an odd black and white photo on your phone. After much head-scratching, you realize that it is a baby scan. Gosh, your friend is pregnant. Now, this is exciting news! But it’s hard to know what to say when you don’t have kids yourself. Ultimately, a lot of women seek reassurance and comfort from experienced mothers. And when you’ve got no child of your own, you can feel at a loss to find the right words. However, there are still some nice things you can say to help them along the way. After all, we’ve all heard that pregnancy is full of challenges!

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Tell her about growing your own food

If you live in the country, you’ve probably already been experimenting with growing your own food. Your country homestead lifestyle can prepare you to be more self-sufficient. How can it help your pregnant friend? It’s simple. During pregnancy, women need to be very careful about what they eat. Some foods are not safe for the baby. Unfortunately, it’s hard to be in control of your ingredients, as so many store-bought meals could be harmful during the pregnancy. But by letting your friend know about your self-sufficient habits and best practices, you can also help her understand how to regain control. You could even teach her to preserve fresh produce for yummy meals packed with nutrients!

Tell her about your relaxation gadgets

Pregnancy puts the body through a lot of pressure. Your friend could be struggling with back and neck pains as the pregnancy progresses. Unfortunately, regardless of fitness levels, these are pains that are likely to happen to any pregnant woman. But, you could help her reduce tensions with a few relaxation gadgets. If you have a favorite massage wand for your neck, for instance, why not recommend it to her? There are plenty of helpful relaxation resources online. You can even check on a site such as Wellue Health Blog if your massage tools are suitable for your pregnant friend. The blog has a lot of relaxation articles for pregnancy. You could even find some new gadgets you don’t know about and that could be useful – even if you’re not pregnant!

Tell her about your favorite trails

Walking is such an underrated form of exercise. It is low impact and delivers a ton of goodness for your mental and physical health. Walking improves fitness levels and alleviates fatigue. Because it is a gentle workout, it creates less stress on joints. A stroll along the park or in the woods can be a lovely way of keeping fit at her own pace. A lot of women have to give up on high-impact workouts during pregnancy. So it makes it more difficult to remain active. But walking is the perfect exercise. Besides, you could plan a walk together. It’s nice to have company when you’re on a quiet trail.

As you get ready to plan the baby shower for your friend, remember that you don’t need to have pregnancy experience to help her stay healthy. Encouraging her to make better health choices, in terms of food, relaxation, and exercise, is easier than you think. You can share your tips for a healthy lifestyle as many can be relevant in her situation too! Be the friend who cares.

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