Hawaii Poke – Camp Hill | Restaurant Review

Monday, February 3, 2020

Last year, a small shopping center went up just about a mile up the road from my house. When I learned there were several restaurants going in that seemed to be focused around healthy and nourishing food I was totally stoked. One of those restaurants, Hawaii Poke, has become my absolute favorite!! I could literally eat it every day.

So today I wanted to do a brief review of Hawaii Poke in Camp Hill. It’s a fast-casual restaurant so it’s great for a sit-down lunch or grabbing dinner on the go. There are lots of bowls to choose from but exactly what is in each bowl is what makes them so delicious. A poke bowl has cubes of raw fish like tuna or salmon, soy sauce, seaweed, scallions, veggies, and salad greens or rice.
When I first ordered from Hawaii Poke, I did so online. It’s really cool because you can place your order online and by the time you drive up there it’s ready for you to grab and go. I had no clue which of the signature bowls on their menu I would want so I decided to make my own. You can choose the number of scoops you want of rice or greens and select your meats which include shrimp, scallops, salmon, steak, tofu, and tuna. Then you can choose several different topping and items to mix in which range from kimchi to crab and even hard-boiled egg.

The restaurant itself is beautiful inside, always clean, the staff always friendly, and there are screens where you can punch in your order if you don’t want to order online. Everytime I get a poke bowl I am so impressed and so satisfied afterwards.

I never spend over $15-$20 when I order and I get THE WORKS, so it’s a great price point. If you haven’t yet, stop out to Hawaii Poke on Erford Road in Camp Hill and see for yourself how good it is!

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