Olive Oil Grille – Camp Hill | Restaurant Review

Monday, March 9, 2020

Founded in 2019, Olive Oil Grille went into the shopping center along Erford Road in Camp Hill. It uses local items and has a seasonal list of items available as soups or toppings. They pride themselves in using the freshest of ingredients that are all natural with no antibiotics or hormones. They also proudly state that they don’t use a fryer OR a freezer because that’s how fresh their ingredients are.

When they first moved in to the shopping center I was stoked. Finally a more healthy meal option for lunch AND dinner. Lunch time usually gets pretty busy because the local businesses all flock there for food but later afternoon and even the evening there’s never really a wait at all.

You can order online or in person. When you arrive you’ll be taken through an assembly line as your order is prepped. Your order starts off by a choosing a base which can be a variety of grains or greens. You can even skip the base if you’d like. Next you pick your dips and spreads which have SO MUCH flavor. My personal favorite is hummus with Tzatziki but again, you can also skip the spread. Then it’s time to pick your protein which can be chicken, pork, lamb, meatballs, falafel, or veggies. Their meats are so fresh and so delicious. It’s like nothing I’ve ever tasted before, honestly.

Once your protein is chosen, it’s time to pick your toppings. They have everything from olives and feta to pita crisps and cucumbers. You finish your order off with a dressing and the unique options are the best final touch to your bowl. I enjoy creamy Mediterranean and Greek yogurt dill most days.

Your dish is presented to you with all items separate so you can grab a forkful and dip and add some of the other ingredients or you can just mix it all together. I always stir mine up and it tastes AMAZING! They also have homemade in house cookies as a dessert and I promise you it’s worth it!

Every time I go here the store is sparkling clean, bright, and airy. The staff are super friendly and helpful, not hesitating to explain what something is when you ask. There’s always someone there to greet you as you walk in and wish you well as you leave. There’s lots of seating inside and whether you eat your meal there or at home, it’s just as enjoyable. I always feel quite full and satisfied after mine and I usually wait a little to eat my cookie for dessert. The kind of full I feel though isn’t a sick one, it’s more like wow I just ate some great food with lots of nutrients and my body feels good. I highly recommend Olive Oil Grille to anyone passing by! You will NOT regret it!

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