American Music Awards - My Best Dressed List

Monday, November 21, 2011

Here are just a few of the celebs and their outfits that I loved from Sunday night's American Music Awards
I loved Selena Gomez's dress, and I think she looked so adorable next to Justin Bieber, however I was not a fan of his ensemble since he wore some interesting shoes. (I'll get into that tomorrow!)

My girl Katy Perry - always keeping it interesting.  I loved the unique dress and the shoes. For a girl with pink hair, she can pretty much pull off anything.

I was on the fence about Audrina Patridge's outfit.  I think she spilled out of it too much but I do think the dress is gorgeous.

What were some of your favorite looks?


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  2. I thought Selena was gorgeous but have to admit, I cannot stand Justin Beiber!!

    I just heard on the news today that Katy Perry and her hubby are having problems, I was sorry and sad to hear it and hope it isn't true.

    Jennifer Lopez's dance was unreal! She is 40 something and looks AMAZING!


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