A Fashion Tip A Day {{Day 24}} - Learn the Difference between Jean Styles

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Learn the difference between Jean styles.
Picking out a pair of jeans is no longer easy.  You now have a wall infront of you wear you have to choose between different styles, lengths, and cuts.  Do you even know what they all mean or what types of figures they are for? Here's your cheat sheet!
Boot Cut Jeans Boot cut jeans are greaton almost any body type!  They don't have a dramatic flare like bell bottoms.  They flare out slightly which makes them more comfortable on you, and flattering on your larger waisted figure.
Skinny Jeans Skinny jeans look best onsmaller figures and can accentuate your hips (if that's the look you're going for).  Skinny jeans generally have a lower waist line, and are great if you don't want a lot of bulk or if you wear boots as you can easily tuck them in.  I like them for when I wear pumps or heels because you can see the shoe, and not worry about tripping over the fabric in your jeans.

Flare Jeans Flare jeans are... well..  flared! Flared jeans are great if want to accentuate your flatter figure.  They are also great for Hourglass figures because they help accentuate your curves.  Flare jeans are great when you aren't trying to make a big statement with your shoes.

Straight Leg  Jeans  Straight leg jeans are just that.  They stay the same width the whole way down your leg.  Straight leg jeans are great for people who need comfort and flexibility.  These are great "casual jeans"

And check out yesterday's tip for dressing for an Athletic figure!

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  1. loved these guidelines! I tend to gravitate towards the skinny jeans and the straight leg. I have thin legs (but a thick waist) and those two styles seem to be the most flattering for me.


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