A Fashion Tip A Day {{Day 2}} - Consignment Shops are Your Friend

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Consignment shops are your Friend
Admit it, you have a few things that still have the tag on it! Yep, I knew it.  Well consignment shops really come in handy for this.  You can make a few extra bucks off your clothes but at the same time you can find some GREAT pieces at consignment shops. 

Remember those Hollister Fur Lined Hoodies that retailed for about $90. I Always wanted one. That was years ago though. Well, the other week I was at the Consignment Shop just killing time before I went into another store, and I found a Hollister Hoodie, practically brand new, for only $30.  
Then, the next week I decided to peek in again, and guess what!! I found one in another color for even less! I was thrilled.  I consider most things I find at Consignment Shops "vintage" because sometimes I never see them ANYWHERE else and sometimes they are several years old.  So it's really like a one of a kind find! So if you have the time and energy, check out a Consignment Shop and you can save AND make money.
 And if you missed it, checkout yesterday's tip which covered how to see what clothes you really wear or not by flipping your hangers!

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  1. Love this! I got a coach purse a few weeks ago at the consignement shop here for $13.99!!! I couldn't beleive it!


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