A Fashion Tip A Day {{Day 21}} - Dress For Your Figure (Pear Shape)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dress for your figure - Pear shape
A pear shape body is smaller on top and heavier on the bottom, just like a pear would be.  What you want to do is balance everything out by adding more volume to your upper half and minimize your lower half.  Kim Kardashian is a pro at this considering she always tries to cover up her large ASSets! 
What to wear:
Dark Pants that stretch

These will help slenderize your appearance. 
Pants with seams in the front
These create a leaner leg
Lower waistbands
these minimize your bottom
A line Tops 
Unlike the apple shape, the pear shape should wear A line tops and blouses
Low Slun Tunic Tops with a belt underneath your natural waistline and 3/4length jackets that stop right above your knee or half way down your thigh. 
What NOT to wear:
Super tight tops
Obviously this will draw even more attention to the fact that your bottom half is wider than your top.
Pants with HELLO pockets
A hello pocket is anything that screams HELLO as you walk by someone... omething that they just have to look at. whether its a huge hole, or it's bedazzled, DONT WEAR IT!
**Fashion Tip** You can also remove pocket fabric from the inside of your pants!  

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