A Fashion Tip A Day {{Day 1}} - Flip Hangers to See What Your REALLY Wear

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Flip Hangers to See What You REALLY wear
Ever have a moment where you are going through your closet and realize you have something you really never even worn before?  So what do you do, keep it or get rid of it?  Well, you probably ask yourself "How often do I really wear this, if ever?" 
For a few weeks, flip your hangers a different direction after you wear something, and at the end of the few weeks or however long you do it for, you will realize what you really do and don't wear. 
This helps a lot especially when we get into the habit of wearing the same things week after week especially for work.  This way, you can actually come up with some new outfits that you already own! Or maybe you will find some piece that you can wear to spice up a boring outfit you have. 

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