A Fashion Tip A Day {{Day 5}} - Organize Your Closet by Sleeve Length

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Organize your closet by sleeve length and type of shirt
I do mine by long sleeve, middle sleeve, short sleeve and by material (sweater, burnout, plain tee, graphic tee).

  It makes it much easier when you are looking for a specific kind of shirt because a lot of times are shorter sleeved shirts get hidden behind others and then we don't even get a chance to consider them for our outfits!

Check out yesterday's tip about organizing your closet by season!


  1. wait a minute! Is THAT your closet????? Please tell me it isn't!! If it is....it is one of the NEATEST closets I have EVER SEEN!

    I have organized my closet by tank tops, color of the top/blouse, blazers and my "nice" clothes.....the sleeve length is just a little to anal for me! lol :)

  2. De-clutter your closet. Take out everything from your closet and start labeling your items: keepers and giveaways. It is not healthy to keep items that you no longer use for a long time. Not only do these things clutter your closet but it may also attract bugs and pests into your closet. So instead of keeping them, give them away to charity.


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