A Fashion Tip A Day {{Day 6}} - Organize Your Closet by Color

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Organize your closet by color. After you do it by season and type of shirt, color is the best way to go because it makes it easier to layout all your options.

I used to have my entire closet organized by color and I still would overlook many tops because the thinner ones were covered by sweaters, etc.

And check out yesterday's tip, organizing your closet by sleeve length


  1. arranging by color is what I try to do...it doesn't always work but I try!

  2. Decide which group of clothes goes in each shelf. Shelves are a great way to divide your items into groups. Dedicate areas in your closet for each of these clothing groups. Tip: Put your favorite clothes on the shelf that can be accessed easily. Another tip on how to organize a closet is to arrange your clothes by color. Put matching items together as according to the color. Make sure you follow a pleasing color coordination and progression.


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