A Fashion Tip A Day {{Day 17}} - Spice Up A Boring Tee Shirt

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Spice up your boring old T-shirts.  Okay, so you know when you get a free T shirt from somewhere and you know you are never going to wear it because it's enormous and will never fit... what do you do? Let it sit around and waste space right? Well, I have been cutting and shredding and slashing my T shirts to give them a super cute new look.  You can still wear them as T shirts but if you get fancy, you can even wear them as part of your regular wardrobe! Here is a Youtube Video on how to do it. It's pretty easy.. you just need a good pair of Fabric Scissors and a ruler or measuring tape!
(Sorry for some reason this code won't embed!)

And check out yesterday's tip about wearing bright shoes!

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