A Fashion Tip A Day {{Day 20}} - Dress For Your Figure (Apple Shape)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dress for your figure - Apple Shape
If you have an apple shape body you carry your weight at your midsection.  This is a tough shape to dress for as your main goal is to make yourmidsection appear smaller and flatter.  You can create a sort of contrast by using lines that go against the roundness.  Some items that are good for you to wear would be:
Wrap Tops 

Wrap Tops give the illusion of a smaller waist and they are comfortable. 

These obviously hold your stomach in and they draw attention elsewhere. 
Pleated or gathered tops

These draw eyes vertically down your stomach, rather than from side to side.
Deep V-necks, Scoop necks, and Drapey styles
They obviously distract you!

They help proportion your upper half and bottomhalf
Higher waisted pants with stretch
You'll be comfortable and these act as a girdle.
What you should NOT wear:
Anything A-line
Anything that lacks shape, will obviously draw the attention to your gut!
Busy Details
If it has patterns that don't match your size or pocketing on the top half, ditch it!!
**IMPORTANT TIP** You can actually wear a stretchy tank top underneath your clothing to help keep everything smooth. Check out Skinny Tees.

And check out yesterday's tip on how to properly wash your embellished shirts!

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