Anti Monkey Butt Review & *Giveaway* Ends 6/27

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It’s summer time and it’s getting hazy, hot, and humid.  Not only is that hard on your hair but it’s also hard on your body, especially when you are a woman.  Once you start sweating you can irritate all your precious lady nooks and crannies especially in a bikini.  Well, that’s why when I tell you about Lady Anti Monkey Butt you are going to be so thrilled! 

Lady Anti Monkey Butt can be sprinkled under your breasts, inner thighs, or even on your behind to help you stay dry and comfy when you are on the beach, at a cookout, or even working out.  It has a light scent and it is very smooth.  It combines calamine and cornstarch to absorb oil and sweat and provides a cooling relief to your body!  Also, it can keep stocking from sticking so it’s great for work during the summer. 

I received a bottle and I absolutely love it and found it 100% effective!!!!!  It smelled great and was barely noticeable.  Of course I knew it was there because I felt so much better.  It’s great for me because I am very active at work, home, outside, inside, everywhere!!  I feel so much better and don’t feel as icky!!!

One winner will receive one Lady Anti Monkey Butt bottle!
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  1. I like that it absorbs sweat and keeps you from feeling sticky.

  2. I like that it's smooth so it wont' clump up when u sweat

  3. I like that it keeps you from being sweaty when you're doing work.

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