Hollywood Fashion Tape Shapes Review & *Giveaway* Ends 7/3

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Okay, I am a huge fan of Hollywood Fashion Secrets because of all the must-haves for my wardrobe, but my favorite item has always been their fashion tape.  And now, they have updated the packaging and I love it!! I also love the brilliant idea they came up with of different shapes for their fashion tape!  It's called Fashion Tape Shapes and it was what I had been hoping they would do all along!

I did have a couple minor issues using the straight fashion tape, especially when I used it to keep my breasts from popping out!!  So this was perfect.  There are several different shapes to choose from, all designed with a specific need or type of outfit in mind.

The adhesive held so well, even through an evening of sweating in the afternoon sun!  And the sleek, thing design of the packaging is perfect for slipping in even the tiniest of clutch bags. 

And now.. one lucky winner will get a package of their own!!!
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  1. This would be perfect for me! I constantly have issues with low cut tank tops and since it's summer time this would be perfect.

  2. I have small boobs and need something to really try to enhance them and tape them up for a great dress for a wedding this summer


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