Dress Like Your Fav Celeb: Jennifer Aniston

Monday, September 17, 2012

Earlier this week I posted about how to look for a new style to help define yourself when it comes to fashion.  I asked you to let me know if there is a celeb you really like and I would blog about how you can dress like them.  One suggestion was Jennifer Aniston.

I always have envied how feminine and simple Jen has been able to dress.  She never wears anything too crazy and I always notice her sticking to subtle tones.  

Here are some tips for dressing like Jen.

1. She Loves Cropped Jeans
Jen is often seen with her jeans rolled up slightly to give herself a cropped style and allowing her to show off a more relaxed style.

How to get this look:
You probably already have at least 2 pairs of jeans that you can roll up to create this look.  Wear a cute pair of flats or gladiator sandals to complete the look!

2. She Likes Basic Tees in Plain Colors
Jennifer Aniston is almost always seen in a solid colored top when she's running around town during the daytime.  Often, she wears white, black, and grey.  If she happens to wear something like a light jacket over top, there's always a plain tee underneath.

How to get this look: 
Find a shirt that fits you well and buy it in several basic colors.  Pair the shirt with a scarf, like Jen does to keep her look more interesting.  And skinny jeans and boots (in the Fall) can complete the look!

3. She's a Boot Girl
Whether they are brown, black, leather, or suede, Jen loves boots and she can wear them very well!  She usually wears them over skinny jeans but occasionally she is photographed wearing boots with her cropped jeans.

How to get this look: 
Buy and wear boots, and LOTS of them!!   They go great over skinny jeans and motorcycle boots look so rock-n-roll!  Plus, boots keep you warm in the cold months so you will be comfortable and look good.

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