Dress Like Your Fav Celeb: Kim Kardashian

Friday, September 14, 2012

Earlier this month I posted about how to look for a new style to help define yourself when it comes to fashion.  I asked you to let me know if there is a celeb you really like and I would blog about how you can dress like them.  One suggestion was Kim Kardashian.

Here are some tips for dressing like Kim.

1. She loves High Boots
A lot of people that love Kim and want to dress like her, love her because of how she works her wardrobe with her body type.  She uses very high boots to distract from her very large behind. 

How to get this look:
Invest in a couple good pairs of high boots, prefereably in simple colors like black and brown.  Wear them as much as you can and make them work even in the Fall, by wearing them with a skirt.  This also makes you look more conservative but still stylish!

2.She can ALWAYS pull off black & white striped tops
Some people can and some people can't.  Ms. Kardashian certainly knows how to let her stripes show in black and white tops, whether she layers them or not.

How to get this look:
If stripes like this aren't your thing, that's okay...just pair your top with a cute jacket like Kim does above.  And another thing to remember if you do love stripes, the larger the better.  A super busy striped top can sometimes be too much. 

3.High Waists Work for Her
She knows how to work with the body she was given and most people that adore her style, are in the same boat!

How to get this look:
Embrace your curves by accepting them and then making them work by opting for a pair of jeans with a high waist and a skirt with a high waist, that can easily be worn with a flowy button up top. This is also a great look for in the office!

Who else do you want to see on a Dress Like Your Fav Celeb post?

1 comment:

  1. Say what you will about Kim--but her style is amazing! Plus I have her build...well, minus the backside...so I'm going to steal some of these looks!

    Great post, Ellen. Thank you!


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