Dress Like Your Fav Celeb: Kristen Stewart

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Last week I posted about how to look for a new style to help define yourself when it comes to fashion.  I asked you to let me know if there is a celeb you really like and I would blog about how you can dress like them.  One suggestion was Kristen Stewart

Here are some tips for dressing like Kristen.

1. She Loves Super Skinny Jeans
K. Stew is often seen in super skinny jeans.  It gives her a chic relaxed look. 

How to get this look:
Wear skinny jeans whenever you can.  Pair them with an oversized tee or a cami/tank and a leather jacket.  You can wear pumps with them or you can do what she does and wear your favorite pair of sneakers (preferably Converse).

2. She can never go wrong with black and grey.
Kristen is almost always photographed on the streets running errands while wearing a basic grey or black top.  It goes well with the personality that we get from her but it also goes great with her signature "vampire" reputation.

How to get this look:
When in doubt, wear black or grey.  If you are just running to the gym and you are going through your plain tanks, choose the grey or black ones.  It gives you the more dramatic look anyways.  Lime green, not so much!

3. She looks great in plaid.
Some people can pull it off and some can't.  Kristen definitely looks adorable without looking too boyish whenever she wears a plaid top. Maybe it's the skinny jeans?

How to get this look:
If you don't dig the jeans and plaid top look, buy an oversized (long) plaid top and pair it with black leggings.  It'll make you feel feminine and you'll have a better attitude about the entire outfit.

1 comment:

  1. she always looks so comfortable yet feminine. Although I love her style, I must admit sometimes it's too boyish for me, I would get mistaken for a dude lol, but somehow she pulls it off.


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