Dress Like Your Fav Celeb: Katie Holmes

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Last week I posted about how to look for a new style to help define yourself when it comes to fashion.  I asked you to let me know if there is a celeb you really like and I would blog about how you can dress like them.  Someone suggested Katie Holmes.

Some key things I've noticed about Katie Holmes are:

1. She Often Has a Relaxed Style
Since she often has Suri with her, she needs to be able to move around in case she has to chase after Suri.  Often times, she's seen carrying Suri.  It's important that Katie has something she can move around easily in and she won't have to worry about her shirt being pulled down and revealing anything.  Good mommy move when it comes to fashion!!

To get this look:
Try wearing loose fitting sweaters that let you breathe and move around but aren't too frumpy looking.  Try sweaters in bright colors or with stripes or a cute design.

2. She Loves Jeans, and Looks Great in Them!
Katie is pictured in jeans a lot, but whether they are skinny, straight legged, or flare, she always manages to pull the look off and look fabulous.

To get this look:
Embrace jeans, even if you are going out on the town.  Loose fitting or flare jeans can be worn during the day when running errands. And skinny jeans can be worn out to a dinner with a chic black top. 

3. She Often Tops Off Her Outfit with a Jacket or Scarf
Katie Holmes seems to love scarfs, even wearing multiple scarves at one time.  It looks cute and adds a little bit of her own touch to each outfit she wears, even if it's a plain shirt and jeans. 

To get this look:
Invest in a denim jacket that you can wear over tanks, camis, and even a summer dress.   And when it comes to scarves, buy them in all different colors and designs that way you won't have trouble finding one for the outfits you wear.

What celebs do you want to see featured on Ask Away?

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