My Happiness Project: January - Boost Energy

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

After reading the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, I have decided to start my own Happiness Project for 2013.  At the start of each month I'll announce what my goal is and at the end of each month I'll describe my progress and everything I did so far.  Feel free to set your own goals each month or to use the same goal as I have.

For the month of January my goal is to boost my energy.

In order to do this, both mentally and physically, I plan to:

1. Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night
2. Exercise 5 - 6 days of each week
3. Keep a clean, organized, and un cluttered home
4. Simplify my To Do Lists

1.  Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night
I certainly can't change the time I wake up for work (5:40 am) but I can try to be in bed by 10:30 every night so that I can fall asleep by 11.  I am excited, because hopefully it will keep me from feeling bummed out and moody during the day and also give me greater energy, which will help me when I need to push myself to work out.  I will stop browsing the internet on my laptop from 10:00-10:30 and I will stop texting incessantly as well.  This way I'll have no technology to distract me.

2.  Exercise 5-6 day of each week
This shouldn't be too challenging for me because I've started increasing the days I work out now, but I still want to ensure I stick to it so that I can have greater energy and be in a better routine to fall asleep at a decent hour.  It will be great for my mental health as well!  I am also going to try to do A LOT more cardio to get the physical results I've been working on.

3. Keep a clean, organized, and un cluttered home
I have also started this one as well but I need to keep up with it.  I only buy things I need and I am selling everything I don't need.  My bedroom is more clear and open, which makes me feel more relaxed.  At work, I will simplify my desk, and I will also be sure to keep up with weekly cleaning/dusting, etc. at both work and home.  A more important and difficult aspect of this is my closet.  I will only buy what I desperately need.  Otherwise, I'll make do with what I have and I will incorporate layering into my winter and fall wardrobe so I can utilize spring and summer pieces.

4. Simplify my To Do Lists
I have a to do list at work and one at home, then I have a pending tasks to do list, and a blog to do list, and sometimes they all get jumbled together and I neglect one or focus too much on another one.   I'd like to simplify it so that I can put less on it by doing certain tasks ASAP, and having ONE blog to do list (in the form of a calendar), ONE work to do list, and ONE general life/home to do list.

On or around January 31st, I'll post my progress and February 1st, I'll have a new goal in mind which I will introduce then. 

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