4 Criteria to Look for in a Blazer

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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A good blazer can be a key part of your wardrobe.  There are plenty of other reasons to back up why a good blazer is a must have but you also need to make sure you look for some criteria when choosing blazers.   

1.     Narrow Lapels.  
Narrow lapels give a blazer a feminine look so you won’t look bulky and boyish.

2.     Sharp Shoulders.
You always want shoulders that are smooth and not baggy.  Too much padding gives it a rough bulky look.

3.     2 Buttons.
Blazers with 2 buttons are slimming and always in style.   It’s very flattering to any body type.

4.     Fun lining.

Choose a blazer with a nice accent in the lining so if you fold over the sleeves you have some elegant prints or patterns peeking through!

 photo Newsig_zps7e5a1ccf.png

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