Findables and Slickwraps

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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Slickwraps offers a line of greta protective skins for your phone and now they have expanded their line to include customizable iPhone 5 cases with 90 different designs. Not only do you get a stylish look but also a protective case to hold your expensive technology! They are reusable and the inserts come in so many different colors. I love that it comes with a smooth glittery finish in the one I chose. The textured rubber sides give it a nice grip so you don't drop your phone when your hands are full! I received a white Slickwrap case for my iPhone 5 and I love it. It's so much easier to find my phone!

Findables are a different style of cell phone case that actually come in two versions: the FlexStand and the FlexWrap. They are very stylish and have a unique scannable code so it makes networking and meeting new people and connecting, so much easeier. You can scan each other's codes to get their information and store it in your phone! The FlexStand case folds into a stand so you can actually sit back and watch videos, movies, and check out pictures without having to hold your phone the whole time. There's an inner rubber part that acts as a shock absorber and the polycarbonate outer shell protects the phone from nicks and scratches. You can purchase one in a variety of colors from Findables! I love the bright green FlexStand case that I got. It makes it so easy to watch videos on my phone and I like having it standing on my desk while I'm at work so I can glance over instead of have to pick it up and check it each time. It's super smart to have this case too because I've already dropped my phone several times and I had no wear and tear! The FlexWrap

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