Behind the Wheel in the 2013 Kia Rio SX

Monday, September 16, 2013

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My time in the 2013 Kia Rio SX has ended but I wanted to make sure that I made a post about how my driving experience was in this car.   I already gave you a rundown of the features, both on the outside, and the technical specs.

This little gem hugs curves pretty well and handles well.   It has a smooth ride and when it came to having to accelerate to merge onto a busy highway, it did great with no lagging at all.   The braking was great, not too sensitive but I didn’t need to slam on the brakes. 

It was very easy to steer this car even through narrow roadways and around curbs, because visibility was excellent and it’s so compact that I didn’t have to worry about parts of the car scraping or hitting anything.

Parallel parking (and regular parking) was a breeze in the 2013 Kia Rio SX.  It was so easy with the backup camera, and the fact that this car is small enough to fit in the smallest of spots. 

Overall, the 2013 Kia Rio SX is a great car for anyone that likes to get good gas mileage, lives in the city and has to be able to park in narrow spots, and just overall wants a sporty and compact vehicle!

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