National Pet Memorial Day - September 8th - & A New Way to Memorialize Your Pets

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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National Pet Memorial Day is September 8th and as a pet owner and dog lover I always try to celebrate the lives of my pets that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  This little memorial day falls on the second Sunday in September every year and it’s a great way to help bring closure to the pet parents that are grieving. 

So Paw Pods has given some tips on how to help observe the National Pet Memorial Day.  And before I share them, I will explain what Paw Pods is. They were founded in February 2013 and offer 6 different sizes of pet burial pods.  They also offer 2 sizes of urns each made from all-natural and biodegradable materials like rice husk and bamboo.  Paw Pods offers 100% eco-friendly products and whether it’s for a goldfish or a great dane it’s a great way to honor your pet’s memory. 

Each pod and urn comes with a sympathy card and a seeded leaf that you can plant with your pet and enjoy it as it blooms into a gorgeous wildflower year after year! What a great living symbol of your pet!

Paw Pods cost anywhere from $19.95 to $199.99 depending on the size.  The two urn sizes are $19.95 and $49.95.   You can purchase them online at and if you want to take advantage of a great deal, Paw Pods is offering 20% off all orders placed online on Sunday, September 8, 2013.

So here are the tips from Paw Pods on how to observe National Pet Memorial Day:

1.     Take time to reflect and share memories of your pet.
2.     If your pet is buried, visit the site and reflect on happy moments.
3.     Consider donating in your pet’s honor to an animal welfare, shelter, or service group.
4.     Find a unique way to memorialize your pet with a peaceful spot by planting a small flower garden or a tree.

And remember… when it comes to losing a pet, embrace the grief.   Never feel like a fool for “crying over an animal.”  Pets aren’t animals, they are family members and grieving is just proof of how much they meant to you and the impact they have on your life.  

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  1. Thanks Ellen for sharing these tips, and info on Paw Pods!


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