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Thursday, September 5, 2013

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When it comes to my hair I take it so seriously and I am constantly trying to find products that work for me.  There are two main issues with my hair…1. I use heat on it and 2. It’s dry!!      I can’t just be putting any cheap product on it these days so I had to find some quality products at reasonable prices.  Well, Sally Hershberger  offers luxury haircare products for a fraction of the cost without taking away the quality.   And Blowpro originally was opened as the world’s very first blow dry bar, but because the blowout obsession grew, they knew it was time to launch some products.  Their salon quality products are designed to help perfect the art of a good blowout.  They know how good a blowout looks and how amazing it makes us feel so they made sure to offer products that will help us get a great blowout if we can’t make it to the salon!

I received a tube of Blowpro Ready Set Blow Express Blow DryLotion.  It basically speeds up the blow dry process so in the end, it takes a shorter amount of time which means less damage and more free time for me.  It is great for every hair type and it certainly was amazing on my hair.  I got nice smooth locks afterwords.  It works by using micro-heat conductors to accelerate the drying process.   There’s less stress and damage to your hair and Vitamin B helps revitalize your hair.  I love that my hair didn’t react to humidity like it used to, once I started using the product.   It was also much easier to style my hair!  

I received Hyper Hydration conditioner from Sally Hershberger. I needed this so bad since my hair is still damaged from all the heat I’ve exposed it too.   So now that I’m using less heat on it I figured it was time to start rehydrating it when I wash it.   This conditioner is sulfate free and contains Keratin, Argan, and Amla Oil to help smooth hair and repair damage.  It’s safe to use on dry, damaged, and color treated hair.  It smells AMAZING and a little went a long way when I worked it into a lather for my locks. 

These products have worked wonders and I still see such a huge improvement with the look and feel of my hair!

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