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Friday, September 27, 2013

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ila Security is a line of personal security products and accessories to help females stay safe in style. I know we live in a society where we tend to have the mindset that "It won't happen to me", but that's the wrong mindset. If you run errands and park in a parking lot, you never know if someone could follow you to your car one day, even in broad day light. And if you park in a parking garage, it's still a risk. Even having your purse stolen when you are eating at a restaurant is a possibility for practically all of us! So when ila Security launched in 2008 they wanted to give women a sense of security that they could pretty much accessorize into their everyday life. Whether it's something for the home or something to carry around in a purse, there are a variety of useful and versatile products to choose from.

I received an ila Hook for my purse and an ila Pebble for my keychain. The hook allows me to keep my purse stores right next to me wherever I am so that I can keep an eye on it. Thieves can ruin your life by stealing hte contents of your handbag and I just can't take that risk. This hook folds up and can be easily stored in my purse when not in use. It holds even the heaviest of my handbags!! It has a nice rubber grip to hold on to tables and desks. The ila Pebble is a neat and compact little device that can let out an ear-piercing alarm at the push of a button. The second you feel threatened, you can draw attention to yourself and scare off a thief or attacker with this piercing sound. It comes in two fashionable designs so no one will know what it is. It's so lightweight on my keychain but it makes me feel so much safer now that I know I have it.

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