4 Sought After Qualities in a Man (from actual women!)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

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We've talked about Women's Pet Peeves, Men's Pet Peeves, and Men's Favorite Qualities in a Woman.   Now, it's time to see what women look for in an ideal  man!

Surprisingly men, these aren't things like having a high paying job, having a nice car, etc.... these are all things that have to do with how you will treat us in a relationship. REMEMBER THAT!!!! 
The girls polled about these things are currently in relationships with guys that do these things and I can tell you personally that they are long term relationships so far, and these women are HAPPY! They aren't materialistic, demanding, selfish, and rude.  They are happy with the simple acts and behavior in a loving relationship and they do all of the Guy's List to the guy.  
Random Flowers one or twice a year, a sweet text message saying how much you love us and what you like about us (Never hurts to hear it multiple times, DUH).   There's a reason some of those ideas are old fashioned, because romance was more alive back then and guys didn't give up on wooing their women once they secured them in a relationship, like they do nowadays.   

How to do this more: 
 Tell us you miss us once in a while, tell us you are randoly thinking of us.  It makes us feel special and automatically says: "He still cares"!   Flowers after we have a bad day at work will do amazing things to our mood!   SURPRISES!!! They make everything better!
There's nothing greater than being with a man who is a lover, supporter, partner, and a best friend.   Too often when we get in relationships, we become the enemy.   "GUYS NIGHT NO GIRLS!"   "DONT TELL MY GIRLFRIEND!" 

How you can do this more: 
 Stop isolating us.  Look at us as a best friend and talk to us like one too.   Vent about your day, hang out and be goofy with us, do things together to be in our company.   That's what friends do.  Having a strong friendship bond also builds a stronger overall relationship bond.
This was freakin' huge when I polled different women!   Communication, as you have heard many times, is the KEY to a successful relationship.  Communication puts us in a check, lets us know what we are doing to upset you, tells us what's going on in your head, and it prevents a lot of issues before they even happen.
How to do this more: 
 if you are upset about something, talk about it immediately, because the longer you hold it in, the more likely you are to explode about it someday and it causes a huge fight.   If it's something good...tell us that also!
Women explained that they wanted feelings shared.  We know you guys aren't great at it but like I said a gazillion times already, PRACTICE makes perfect!    Stop using that damn excuse that you aren't good at it.   No one is.  We are born unable to speak, so we just cry.  But our parents teach us to use words to explain what we want and what we feel.   You really want to use the excuse that "you aren't good at it" and in our minds revert back to the image of a toddler? NO!   So do it... talk!   It's not as hard to do as you think, once you open your mouth and noise comes out, you're already past the first step.
  We aren't talking about buying us expensive things... no way! What women meant by this was that you make us feel like we are the only girl that matters.   Make us a priority like you did in the beginning.   Show the world that you are proud that we are your girlfriend.   Tell us you love us everyday in text or in person.  THIS IS UBER IMPORTANT!!  Not only because it makes us feel good, but because it's important to practice that as a better person in life and treat everyday as if it could be your last.  Why would you NOT say I LOVE YOU before your girlfriend drives home?   If something God forbid happened to her, you'd regret you didn't. SO DO IT!
How you can do this more:
Send a sweet good morning text, or a sweet good night text.  Do onething a week that we will be appreciative of (Hint: Honey, I know you had a long day, so I actually threw the laundry in the dryer for you so you don't have to).   SAY I LOVE YOU ( IF you don't see each other everyday or live together).  Show your love if you do.  Call us sweet romantic names.   Don't disrespect us in bed, or in front of your friends.    BE A MAN!

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