Monday, September 30, 2013

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BARKCODE is the technology-friendly way to keep track of your pets! Years ago I actually had Pixie stolen for a few days after a home break-in. Luckily we got her back but if I had given her a BARKCODE tag, I very well may have found her immediately. You see.... BARKCODE is a little tag for a dog collar that contains a QR Code. When the QR code is scanned with a cell phone it will bring up a link to a website that contains the most updated information on the pet's owners. You can easily update your information on the website and there's no online activation fee or annual fee! And BARKCODE donates a portion of it's tag proceeds to charities that support NO KILL ANIMAL FACILITIES! BARKCODE tags come in different colors and designs, so whether you have a male or female dog, you can ensure you pick out a stylish tag for your pet to show off!

My dogs received some tags from BARKCODE. It was super easy to get on the website and register them. I entered their VET info and any medical information that someone who finds them would need to know. And the best part is, if they runaway and someone finds them and they scan the code, it will send me a notification that someone has them! If the person doesn't have a camera phone they can still get on the website and enter the ID number from the tag. The site is also password protected so I'm the only one who can get on and update info. I am so happy that I have a bit more security when it comes to the possibility of my pets going missing. This is such a great idea for anyone that has a dog with anxiety that may wander off outside, or for anyone in a new neighborhood where people may not know you or your pet yet.
I highly recommend everyone get a BARKCODE tag because it's just another way to ensure the safety of your animal!!!!

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