Easy Way to Drink the Recommended Amount of Water Each Day (DIY)

Monday, September 23, 2013

It’s annoying to have to drink so much water but it’s what’s best for your body.  They recommend 64 oz. of water daily or anywhere from 4-6 glasses.  

I found a fun way to ensure I drink the right amount of water each day without having to guzzle it all at once.

All you need is a marker or some Washi Tape and you can do it too.

Give yourself different lines with different times of the day on it.  For instance:

You can put 3 lines of tape on a 32 oz. water bottle.

Mark the bottom line as 9 am, the middle as 10:30 AM, and the top as 12 PM.  Then turn the bottle around and label the other side of the bottom as 2:00 pm, the middle as 4 PM, and the top as 6 pm . There you go.  If you drink those amounts (and fill the 32 oz. bottle up again) at those times, you’ll find it’s easier to get the recommended amount of water.

 photo Newsig_zps7e5a1ccf.png

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