Thunderleash Review

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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You probably have heard of the Thundershirt before but have you heard of the Thunderleash? This is the perfect solution for dogs that are always pulling and getting overly excited or nervous. It's easy to get on your dog and it's even easier to control your dog while wearing one. You just attach it to your dog's collar like any other leash. If pulling is an issue, you can wrap it around your dog's torso and slide it into the harness slot. Whenever your dog starts to pull it will feel minor pressure on his torso so it will get him under control. It's great for new puppies or dogs that act up when they get excited or into certain situations.

I received a Thunderleash and it's perfect for my parent's dog Eli. He gets super excited outside when on a walk and he sees another dog. The Thunderleash has made it so easy to control him so that my arms don't get yanked out of their sockets! Eli remained much calmer when I had better control of him and it has helped with our training routine of correcting him when he can't contain his excitement every 2 minutes! This is an amazing leash. It's comfortable for me to hold and it certainly is easy to clip on him!
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