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Monday, September 23, 2013

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Fashion and organization go hand in hand especially when it comes to your closet.   As a handbag addict myself, I like to display my most prized possessions (purses) and sometimes it just looks sloppy when I have them sitting on a shelf.   That’s why KeepShape created PurseStuffers!     Thanks to PurseStuffers women can now keep their purses with their original shape and protect them from any damage.   It is great when it comes to keeping your closet tidy!  These are the only stuffers on the market that have a flat bottom to aid when it comes to upright storage!  

Made of a soft light weight satin fabric,  each foam insert has an easy grip handle.  So not only does it look nice, but it’s easy to take in and out of a bag! They come in several different sizes, since most of us have a different size preference when it comes to our handbags!  With the price we pay for designer brands, we really can’t afford not to store them properly when we aren’t using them.

I received several PurseStuffers in different sizes.  These were amazing and soft.  I love how well they kept the shape of my bags and it makes them look much nicer when I have them on display.  Even if you store your bags in a plastic bin (like I do with some of mine) you can prevent them from being squished and flattened by simply inserting a PurseStuffer!

They are so silky no wonder it’s such a breeze to get them in and out of a bag.  I will certainly be investing in more of these as part of my regular closet organizing routine!!

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