5 Effective Tips to Find a Job When You’re Unemployed

Monday, January 27, 2014

This post is geared more towards those who are unemployed. Why? Because you probably have more time on your hands than anyone else that’s working so you have NO EXCUSE to not be super productive during every waking moment.  Seriously! Get off your bum (after you read this post of course) and get moving!

Here are 5 effective tips to find a job and if you follow these and are intensely serious about it, you will see results in no time. 

1. Have a Quality Resume
Make sure you are prepared to send out your resume by creating one and always keeping it updated.

Some things to remember when creating a resume are:

*Keep it simple yet informative. 
*Don’t include anything that’s considered fluff. 
*Make sure you describe your previous employment enough to show the skills/capabilities you have.
*Include your contact info, degrees/certifications, and references. 
*Always get 3 good references and let them know ahead of time that you are including them on your resume.
*Keep your resume to 2-3 pages if possible (not including the references). 
*No fancy paper or colorful card stock.   BE PROFESSIONAL.
*Ask friends to review your resume to see what else you could add or remove.

Oh, and if you DON’T have a resume… then get your ass in gear right now and start googling resume templates!

2. Apply Everywhere
Every day you spend not working you should apply to at least 5 new places.  Personally, I think that's really low balling it, and I would shoot for 10 places.  You need to survive in this world and put food in your stomach and money in your bank account, so start SURVIVING!  

  Places to look for job openings include:

*Grocery Store bulletin boards
*Temp Agencies (They can eventually help you secure full time positions)
*Drive around town and look at the different business options, walk in, and ask if they are hiring
*Post on social media to your friends and ask if they know anywhere that’s hiring
*Search hash tags on Twitter and Facebook like “#DallasJobs”
*Search on Google for things like “Companies hiring in Harrisburg, PA”
*Start going through the phone book under the category of businesses you would like to work in

3. Make Seeking Employment Your Daily Routine
When you wake up, start looking at all of the above options for any new listing and posts.  DO NOT sit in front of the TV, be productive!   Make a check list of all the places above and then each day put a check next to it after you’ve looked for any new openings or posts. 

4.  Stop Being Lazy
The other day I watched a younger boy ride his bike in the frigid cold to get to McDonald’s.   What’s your excuse?   Not only does he do what he has to in order to get to work, but he works at a place that some people consider less desirable.

You are not above any job out there…. Everyone starts somewhere.  I watched a video of Ashton Kutcher accepting an award last year and he explained how he worked at a restaurant cleaning floors, as well as some other undesirable laborious tasks.  And you know what he said after that?   That he was NEVER better than any job he had and looked at every job as a stepping stone for the next. 

And that my friend is how you get far in life.  If you want to start your own company you have to start somewhere and work a job for someone else.  No one gets to climb to the top without starting at the bottom.   You will never find me quitting my day job to do blogging full time until blogging guarantees me an income equal to what I make now, and provides benefits.  Seriously, because my lifestyle can not afford anything less than that.   I’m being realistic too!

 If you need money and have been unemployed for weeks, get off your ass and apply for part times jobs, and secure two of them so you can make a full time job income.  And then in your free time you can keep seeking out full time employment.   And if you think “no I’m not going to do that” then give me one good reason why you shouldn’t.   Because you won’t have any free time outside of two part time jobs?   SO WHAT?!   That’s laziness.    WORK WORK WORK and make money and SURVIVE.   Find two part time jobs that have a schedule that can work with your life.    

There is no reason to stop looking just because you’ve applied at 50 places or even 100.   The thing with that is, if you sit back and wait… the chance of you getting hired goes down.  After a week, most of those 50-100 places probably either found someone to hire, or you weren’t qualified.   Keep going keep going keep going keep going keep going.   The 5 minutes you just spent reading this blog post were almost a waste… so now go make up for it by applying for jobs!        GOOD LUCK AND THINK POSITIVE!!

Don’t get discouraged either. Sometimes one opportunity doesn’t work out just so that down the road another one will!  

 PS - here are some interview outfit ideas and tips to nail it!

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  1. I need to write a post like this too. I have my MBA and had a lot of trouble getting a job but one thing I know for sure is don't ever give up. I almost did and literally the next day I met the right person and they told me their job is looking for someone. My favorite quote is "Good things don't come to those who wait, but those who work their ass off." Haha, something I saw on Facebook :)


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