Meet My Fellow Blogger Colleen of CRichman Freebies

Friday, January 24, 2014

If you enjoy my blog then I'm sure you will enjoy the blogs of some friends of mine! This week I'm introducing you to my fellow blogger friend Colleen of CRichman Freebies.  Not only have we met in real life (and our Chihuahuas met too) but she loves Chihuahuas and animals as much as I do!  
CRichmanFreebies is a family friendly blog that is geared towards getting free samples and products for your family to help save you money. I also have giveaways each week as well as reviews and vlogs of our daily life on the farm.
5 Things About Myself
1.Former law enforcement officer
2.Current housewife and blogger
3.Chihuahua mommy
4.Freebie seeker
2 of my Favorite Posts 
My Links Are:
@CrichmanFreebie on Twitter


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  1. How fun that you have the same dog and they met each other!? making blog friends is so fun!!

  2. as you know Colleen is a dear friend of mine! love her and I am a faithful follower of BOTH of your blogs!

  3. Hey girlie! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! I followed back :)

  4. oh i love freebies! thanks for introducing me to a new blog!

    cute & little


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