My Jellyfish Charger has Saved My Battery Problems

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

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I am so so so happy to finally resolve the issues of my iPhone dying so quickly. There have been many times when I've been at a blog conference or other event and I'm trying to share things constantly on social media and then my phone battery begins to die and panic sets in. That's all come to an end now that I found out about Jellyfish and their lifesaving products! Okay, maybe it's more of a phone saving concept but still, it takes a lot of stress out of my life. Jellyfish has all kinds of awesome products like phone cases, accessory sets, audio accessories, and power accessories. Not only that but they all come in fun vibrant colors.

I actually received a Go Go Juice Charger in Bodacious Blue. Not only does the bright color make it easy to find in my handbag but the shape and size of the charging pack is perfect! It comes with a 200 mAh battery that can provide your phone with a full charge and 6-8 hours of additional talk time. It also has a Micro AND a USB portal so it's universal. You can use it for different types of tablets and smart phones and there's even an LED battery level indicator light that shows you how much charge you have left. It can retain a full charge up to 1 year and if it isn't in use it will automatically shut off. And it's got a built in LED flashlight. It seriously doesn't get any cooler than that. So much convenience and power all in that little device!


 was so impressed when I used this at the past few events. It gave my phone so much more battery life! I charged it overnight before the day of the event and then it was ready to go in the morning. Even with it plugged into my phone it didn't add any obnoxious bulk. In fact I love how lightweight it is! Everyone needs one of these because you never know when you may run out and not be around a charging source like a wall outlet. That's normally the case for me when I'm on the go or at an event so this has come in SO handy!

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