Meet My Fellow Blogger Thida of TeeKay

Friday, January 3, 2014

If you enjoy my blog then I'm sure you will enjoy the blogs of some friends of mine!  This week I'm introducing you to my fellow blogger friend Thida of TeeKay!   If you love the affordable down to earth styles of my blog... you will definitely enjoy Teekay!

Hi my name is Thida and I am a shoe addict. I started my blog as a way to share my personal style along with my passion for design and fashion. I am a college student on a budget so in my blog I aim for affordable and trendy fashion because you can still look stunning and fabulous without breaking your wallet. One of the greatest things I love about blogging is meeting people from all over the world who enjoys the same passion. My blog has lead me to unexpected places and it serves as a little escape from my busy life. Follow my journey as I unlock doors in my fashion world while inspiring and motivating others to follow their dreams. 

5 Things About Me 
1.I am a senior at UC Irvine, California.
2.I am a Finance and admin assistant for a Pediatric Business office and the president/event planner for Fashion Interest Group. 

3.In my free time, which is very rare, I like to catch up on my magazines, my Carrie's Dairy, plan photoshoots and outfit ideas, and SHOP! 

4.I love being productive, constantly staying busy between work, school, taking care of my brothers, leading my fashion club and managing my blog help me move forward and feel accomplished. 

5.I simply enjoy everything in life and love to open my own boutique where I can customized unique clothes for my clients and make them feel beautiful. 

Check out my posts where I "Seize the Day" and share my "Love for Leopard" with my friend!  

Find me on:

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  1. Happy New year beautiful!! This is such an amazing post, thank you so much Ellen! <3


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