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Monday, January 13, 2014

Whether you're from the Central Pennsylvania area or you live across the country, there's much to appreciate from the sounds of Apollo's Sun. I was first introduced to him in the Fall when I attended a local hip hop show. Apollo's Sun caught my eye instantly because of his down to earth vibe mixed with lyrics I found very relatable. It's no surprise that he meditates like I do, which is probably how I sensed his down to earth vibe (I'm telling you people give off a glow!)  but I also found his lyrics sharp and thorough. I get irritated when I hear songs with lyrics that rhyme but don't make sense. I believe true talent tells a story whether it rhymes or not and if you want people to comprehend what you say, it's best to speak in a language they can understand. So without further ado, let me introduce you to Apollo's Sun and let him answer some questions about himself.  And stay tuned because he'll be featured again on my blog, next time with a giveaway and some information on how fashion and music relate for him!

What does your name (Apollo’s Sun) mean and how did you get it? 
In Greek mythology, Apollo was the deity that represented music, the sun, light, poetry, truth. As a 13 year old who thought he was MUCH wiser than he really was at the time, I felt I related to the ideals Apollo represented. I wanted to manifest those properties to the world. With that said, the Sun was originally “son” as if my “mask” I wore while writing was spawned from Apollo. I was a weird kid, thinking much deeper than I probably should have at that point in life. I changed the spelling because I wanted to bring light to darkness like the sun does…the sun promotes positive growth in life, and through music, I want to do the same. I came up with the name, and people thought it was nifty, so it stuck.

You have been doing this since you were 13.  How exactly did you start, or what was the turning point that you knew this is what you wanted to pursue?
I started writing in my 7th grade history class because I couldn’t stand the teacher and it was the only way for me to escape her monotonous lessons. I was a fan of hip hop music since I was about 10 years old and always enjoyed writing stories, poems, love notes to the girls, etc. Writing a rhyme was an extension of all the other styles of writing I tried my hand at, and the one that I instantly fell in love with. I’m not sure if I had an exact “turning point” where I decided I’d pursue this as long as I have, it just sort of happened. I started writing, and my brother-in-law is a performing musician in the area who had equipment. He showed me some stuff, and then I was off to the races, spending all of my money on equipment to record demo tapes.

What are you like as William Krouse II?
I am a confused 30 year old, conflicted by my own doubts, held back by my own insecurities, and kept alive by my desire to live a better life tomorrow. I have small pockets of motivation where I eat correctly, workout, and meditate daily that last a few months, so my discipline is sporadic. I’m very sensitive and often take things personal, but have a lot of passion and a desire to rid myself of my ego every day. I’m attending college for music business and have no clue where I’ll end up with that. I work as a chauffeur because I can’t stand working inside of small spaces for long periods of time. As a musician, I have chosen one of the most difficult businesses to make money in and often kick myself for not choosing something more lucrative for a career. BUT, I also know money isn’t worth the paper it is printed on, so my smarter self likes to remind my dumber self that life is NOT about accumulating paper, and is about accumulating memories. My scrapbook is thick.   

What sets you apart from the rest and makes you unique?
Unless there’s a doppelganger floating around somewhere, I’m unique because I am the only me. There is nobody else striking keyboard keys to respond to you in the way that I do it. The way I smile is all mine. Sure, it’s influenced by dna and what not, but it is mine. In terms of music, there are tons of other lyricists who have come before me that are better and more seasoned. I’m unique because in a genre where everybody thinks they are better than the next man or want to show off their “stuff” that they own, I’m over here with my little flag that reads “WAKE UP!!!” I will never say I’m better than another person or artist, and only want to help other people live to their highest “light,” and potential. What makes me unique as an artist is that I do not lie in my music, and do not sell you unreasonable ideas. 

Obviously every musician and artist is their own being, but how would you describe your sound?   
I write emotional songs, and do my best to lay those words over strong drum sounds and progressive melodies. Hip hop and rap music are represented very poorly in mainstream media. I don’t listen to anything on the radio because it’s terrible and makes it difficult for people like me to get anywhere. I’m not sure who I sound like, but often have people telling me my music reminds them of people like Atmosphere and Sage Francis, with a touch of Everlast. I have no clue how people define my music, I’m just relaying what I’m told.

On your website you say “I was horrible until I recognized my flaws and decided I had to get better.”   That’s such a great positive message for everyone out there regardless of what their passion or career is in.  Can you explain how you do that? 
I do my best to look at myself with an unbiased perspective. My own momma will tell you I am my own worst critic. Becoming a better version of you isn’t easy, and is often an ugly process. You have to be honest about who you are, and find the parts you want to improve. With music, anybody who tells me what they find “wrong” with my music, I already knew it as soon as I wrote the song. I wrote a book and have found more mistakes after I published it than any person who read it. I recently quit smoking. How? I realized how pointless and ignorant it is to pay a company that is knowingly trying to addict me to toxic substances and refused to give them any more of my health and money. Your heart and mind know what is right and best, you just need to not be afraid of what others think of you. It’s YOUR life, so do the right thing. Your right thing may not be MY right thing, but whatever it is, do THAT.

When does your inspiration for your lyrics hit you?
Inspiration for lyrics always occurs after a bad experience, regardless of what it is. If I’m angry, sad, fighting with a loved one, etc. I start writing songs in my head as I’m in the middle of the experience. For example, if I’m arguing with a person, as I argue, I’m re-writing the argument in my head as a song lyric in real time. Weird, I know. I associate music and sounds in my own head as I experience life. I wish I could have a full band follow me around every day to play along to my life. My heart beats like a drum and my mind moves like a quill; all day, every day. I also have a tendency to wake up around 3 a.m. to words running through my head. I like writing late at night because there are less people awake. The night air feels more “open” to me, if that makes sense.  

Where would you love to be in your career in the next 5 years and how do you plan to get there?
I’d love to not have to work for any other person, and that the necessities I need to survive in life are provided through my efforts in music. I currently have no clue how to get there because it seems like a lot of luck is needed in addition to the hard work. I know what hard work feels like, and maybe I don’t work hard enough. It takes a network of people to help you achieve goals in life, and I can only do so much without a manager and team behind me. Maybe I need to sit down and make a list. Yes. My current plan is to make a list. I’ll figure the rest out and let you know after my list is complete. Haha.

Any upcoming shows or album releases for you? 
I have a few shows that are in their planning stages for 2014. Some of them will take me out of the state of Pennsylvania, which is always fun. I like traveling to share music. I wish everybody had a chance to experience that feeling. I always have ideas for records to put out, so 2014 will have a few new releases as well. I’m currently working on a project in conjunction with a record label called Cult Classic Records, based in London. I hope that will be released during the first quarter of the New Year. Other than that, I hope to be better than I am today. I hope to have more smiles to share that influence others to share smiles with others. Share those smiles, folks, you never know who needs to see them.

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