Online Dating Series: Part 3 - Tips & Tricks

Friday, January 10, 2014

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So part 1 was getting started, part 2 covered etiquette and today I'll give you some tips and tricks based on some common questions people ask when it comes to the ins and outs of online dating.

How many messages should we exchange before we communicate via phone or text message?
While it does depend on the person, it's a smart decision to make sure you have exchanged at least 7-10 messages on each end and you know the basics of someone so that if you had to describe them to your friends you wouldn't sound like a fool!

What do we do for a first date?

Dinner and drinks is a great idea because it allows you the chance to get to know each other more. Try to avoid loud clubby atmospheres and

Safety Tips:
Always meet in a public place.
Make sure a friend knows where you are and what time you are expected to be done. CHECK IN ALWAYS!
Drive separate so you always are free to leave if you aren't comfortable with the date.
Stick to a two drink minimum and DO NOT leave your drink unattended at the table.
Don't get on your online dating site from a work computer.

Profile tips:
Use a photo of just yourself, no friends or exes in it, even if you crop them out and their hand shows!
Be honest but safe and don't divulge any intimate details that make you vulnerable or put your safety at risk.
Don't lie EVER!

Being "exclusive": 
 If you hit it off with a guy and you begin dating exclusively, make sure you discuss the idea of shutting down your profiles for now. Talk about this up front so it doesn't become an issue.

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