Carry Your Phone in Style with Pursecase *Giveaway* Ends 1/29

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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Ladies, look out!   Carrying all your things just became even more fun and stylish all thanks to Pursecase!  A Pursecase is a phone case that looks like a purse and can even store stuff similar to a purse and can be carried like a purse!  Oh, and it still protects your phone! 

Not only does the Pursecase come with a stylish design and an actual purse chain, but the little pocket on the back comes in super handy! You can push the lock open and closed and inside you will find a mirror, an enough room for some cards and possibly a key.  

 And the silicone material the Pursecase is made of helps you get a good grip on your phone as well as protects it from any banging around you may do.  It's so easy and convenient to carry my phone around now and I look stylish doing it!   And how can you forget where you set your phone when you can easily wear it on your wrist? 
Everyone has given me compliments about my Pursecase and how cute it is!   It's perfect for a night out when you only need your ID, Credit Card, Cash, and a key!    

And one lucky winner will get a Pursecase of their own!

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  1. I also like the
    #Prada #purple purse

  2. I like the quilted look one in blue.

  3. I LOVE THR PINK ONE FOR THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S4. It will fit my phone perfect and look so cute too. I really want one.


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