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Friday, January 31, 2014

If you enjoy my blog then I'm sure you will enjoy the blogs of some friends of mine!  This week I'm introducing you to my fellow blogger friend Aofie of Aofie in Wonderland. She's got a fun personality and likes a little bit of everything, just like I do!

Aoife in Wonderland was started in the Summer of 2013. It's a space for me to be creative and explore my interests on an online platform. I wanted to shy away from being labelled a generic beauty blogger, and therefore aim to keep my posts varied. I explore my own range of interests, including literature, music, charity and awareness, lifestyle and cosmetics. I think there's something to suit everyone, and I aim to put my own stamp on all that I do. It's exciting that I've been accepted into the blogging community, and that I'm building up a readership, the future for AIW looks bright! 

3 Things about myself

1. I'm a full time student in the University College of Dublin (UCD) studying English literature and German.
2. I'm also a waitress and mother to a bichon frise puppy called Rosy, who thinks she's human.
3. In my free time, I'm usually out with friends or studying, whilst trying to maintain the balance between academics, work and play. 

Two of my favorite blog posts are:  
This post contains an interview with singer songwriter, Jethro Pickett. I wanted to showcase my blog's diversity, so I've included this interview.

And this review of Katy Perry's Killer Queen perfume. 

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