5 Questions to Ask When Purging Your Closet

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

In order to free up space and not spend money on things you already have, it’s a good idea to purge your closet at least once every 2 months.   I actually have a rule called 1 In 1 Out, where if I want to add something to my wardrobe, I MUST get rid of something to make space.

So here are 5 questions to ask yourself for each item you are looking at, in order to decide whether to purge it or not.

1.Does it fit and flatter me?
If so, keep it.  If not, GET IT OUT!   Even if you think you’ll fit into it someday, ask yourself how many times you’ve opted to keep it to fit in it later, and if you tend to do that every month, chances are, you aren’t that serious about your goal of dropping sizes.   If you really wanna keep your stuff so you can eventually fit (or it’s your reward for when you drop those pounds) keep it all in a plastic storage bin!

2.Is it ripped or stained?
If it has pit stains, it might be time to say farewell, but if it just has a makeup stain, make sure you treat it and clean it, or find a drycleaner who will.   If it’s ripped and it can’t be repaired, get it out of there!   If you can get it sewn or stitched then put it in a pile to do so and make sure you take action as soon as you’re done purging!

3.Is it a special occasion piece?
Every woman needs special occasion pieces in her wardrobe like for a wedding, summer bbq, or a photoshoot.   Don’t get rid of something you’ll have to break the bank to replace if it’s not ripped, stained, or too big/small.

4.How often have I worn this in the past 6 months?
If you don’t have ANY idea of how many times, than it’s probably because it’s not worth wearing.   If you don’t believe me… set it aside in a storage bin with a tag on it that says “DECIDING”.. and see if you miss it after 3 months.   You’ll thank me later. 

5.Would I rather sell it and make a profit?
There are some items in every girl’s closet that are worth more than how  often we wear them.  I had a nice leather bomber jacket but I never really wore it, so I sold it for $75 on ebay.  And instead, I got a $25 leather bomber jacket from TJ Maxx to replace it.   I’d rather have that $50 than the twice a year jacket. 

What’s the one question that you always use to determine whether to keep or pitch something? Is it one of the ones I listed?

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  1. Awesome tips!! Definitely going to help me get rid of some old rags I don't need, haha. c:



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