Online Dating Series: Part 1 - How to Start

Monday, January 6, 2014

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A new year means a fresh start and a new opportunity in the dating scene if you're single. A lot of people feel ashamed to even consider joining an online dating site, but online dating is a great idea for meeting people. In fact, there are many long term benefits of online dating such as finding a partner that has similar moral values up front, as well as the ease of filtering out people that you won't be interested in at all.

Part 1 of this online dating series covers how to start up online dating, so without further ya go!

1. Deciding Which Site to Use

There are many factors to consider when choosing a site to use for online dating.
Price: Often times there is a small fee to pay each month and while that may seem unappealing to most people, in the long run it helps weed out people who aren't serious. Why would you pay for something if you aren't seriously in need of the services?
Type of site:
There are sites that focus more on religion or background like people who are Christian, people who are into farming (yes there's a farmer dating site), and plenty more. So do your research and pick just one site to start.

2. Creating your Profile

There are many aspects of your profile that you should cover and make sure you do in the best way so you get the greatest chance possible when it comes to finding a match.
Photo: Choose a picture of yourself in a regular setting, such as on a sofa, posing in nature, etc. Make sure your face is clear and easy to see and make sure you have a decent quality photo. You don't need a professional modeling headshot, but a cell phone selfie isn't your best bet either. Don't be afraid to ask a friend to take a photo for you. Ladies - Lay off the make up, keep it toned down. Men - No bathroom selfies/ab shots/ flexing photos please!
Details: Make sure you are honest in your profile. Remember, you want to meet people that like you for you so don't answer the questions with what you think others want to hear. Also, don't get cocky, just describe yourself with facts. Rather than "I think I am the best runner in the world", say something like "I enjoy running and have participated in several marathons."
Length: Keep it short and simple, but give enough detail that will allow someone to come up with some great first date questions for you. If you love animals, make sure you note that but don't go into detail about every pet you've ever owned your whole life. Leave that for the first date convo if someone asks about it!

3. Browsing the site:

Look around and get a good understanding of how the site works, how to browse, and what other people can see or not. If it sends someone an alert when you check out their profile, make sure you realize that before you go into creep mode on every male in your area code!!

Also, make sure you don't sit on it all day, especially if it shows that you're active online. Make it a healthy habit to check it maybe once a day around the same time. Don't let your life be ruled by it...let yourself come first!

Check back on Wednesday for part 2 of the Online Dating Series.... Etiquette!

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