10 Tips for Efficiently Packing for a Trip

Monday, July 21, 2014

Vacations are fun but the one thing we all dread is packing for a trip.   It can be overwhelming and difficult so I put together 10 tips to help you pack more efficiently.

1. Make a list of your daily routine.
In order to ensure you don't forget to pack anything, spend 2 days writing down every product or item you use.  This helps to ensure you will cover everything you need to go about your life as if you were still at home.

2. Plan your outfits.
When making a list, it's often confusing how many pairs of pants or socks to bring along.  So instead of just winging it, plan your outfits. That way you know EXACTLY what to pack.

3.  Reuse certain items.
Instead of packing 4 pairs of jeans for a 5 day trip, try packing just 2.  Jeans can be worn again.  

4. Pack strategically.
In order to make everything fit into your travel bags, make sure you get creative and utilize space like the inside of shoes for rolling up and inserting your jewelry.  You can roll jewelry inside of t shirts and pack them carefully.   And speaking of rolling...rolling is a great way to fit more into your travel bag.  I even store my tshirts in my dresser by rolling them up.

5. If you have any doubts, bag it.
If there's any product you worry may leak, put it in a ziplock bag!  From all the heat and movement, you never know what beauty products might explode, so you want to contain messes by keeping them in a bag.

6. Wear the bulkiest items instead of packing them.
Instead of packing sneakers, pack your sandals and WEAR your sneakers.  This eliminates any snaffus like when you go to pack up to head home and your sneakers make it so half of your tshirts won't fit.

7. Keep a minimalist mind set.
If you have to question if you will actually use or wear something...you probably DON'T need to bring it.

8. Emergency Items are a must.
Emergency items are things you don't wanna go without.  Extra underwear, socks, bandaids, medicines, etc.

9. Don't be afraid to throw it out.
If you are going on a long vacation and you are very concerned with everything you have to pack, why not pack some of the older items you have like socks and underwear that you can throw away for good after wearing them once more?  This makes it even easier to pack on your way home since there will be less items.

10. Pack for unusual circumstances.
Don't forget to pack an umbrella incase it rains where you are or even a pair of slippers in case there's a fire alarm incident at your hotel.

Are there any other tips you have?

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  1. I will definitely be doing the zip lock bag thing from now on! I went to the Keys last month and my heat protectant leaked all over everything!


  2. these are fabulous tips! I already do the "rolling" thing and it does work! I also will re-wear black pants and jeans as you suggested. I DO plan for emergencies (which you also suggested) by bringing AT LEAST double the underwear that I need. Extra tops too...if you spill something you might need to run to your room and change. Some things can be washed in a bathroom sink and some hotels have laundry services but I always bring extra tops, more than what I need! I don't do the jewelry thing (even with costume jewelry) because there is so much theft with the airlines. I tend just wear the jewelry I need, if I bring extra I put it in my carryon.


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