7 Physical Imperfections of Mine

Monday, July 7, 2014

Lately I see a lot of posts on the internet about the expectations females have about their appearance.   So to celebrate the things about myself that I normally would complain about, I'm going to list the 10 things that can be considered "imperfect" with my appearance and then I'm going to explain why I love it.  

1. My Thighs Touch.
Yep, I have chub rub, and I don't care.  Sometimes it's just how a person is, whether they have thighs that touch or thighs that don't.  Mine touch.  Even when I'm super slim they touch. And you know what? I'm fine with that because these thighs give me power to run and power to move!

2. My Nose is Big.
I used to despise my nose all throughout middle school and high school.  Then one day I told myself I was going to learn to love it because it was not only a feature that made me unique, but I think noses like mine look more exotic than little turned up noses.

3. My Feet are Wide.
In fact it's hard to fit into narrow pumps sometimes because of my wide feet.  But you know what these feet can do? They can run like hell when they need to.  And they get me from point A to point B so why the HELL should I worry about how wide or narrow they are?

4.  I Have Love Handles.
Even though I'm getting into shape and they are sort of slimming down, they are still there.  And you know what? I love them. Because God forbid I'm ever in a crappy situation where I can't eat for a while, atleast I got a little extra there.

5. My Hair is Half Wavy, Half Straight, Thin and Thick.
I have thin individual hair strands but I have a thick head of hair.  If I don't blow dry it straight it comes out with this huge wave because it kind of wants to go straight like my mom's but it has a natural wave to it like my Dad's.  I'd rather have a little bit of both than nothing at all!

6. My Eyes Draw Down in the Corner.
Someone once wrote to me and said I have weird eyes. Cool.... that's how I was born and I don't really give a shit if you like them or not.  I like them because people recognize me and my eyes.  Plus, I think the green color (which sometimes looks blue) is pretty!

7. I Look Plain Without Makeup.
I've always had "friends" of mine say this behind my back but guess what?! Who gives a shit?   I think I look like a human without makeup and I shouldn't have to wear makeup all the time just to look any more appeasing to anyone else.


What are your imperfections and why do you love them?

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  1. Okay girl, that is absolutely ridiculous. You are gorgeous without makeup! Today there are so many girls who feel the need to wear that stuff caked on their face and it takes someone with confidence to not wear makeup! :) I think you are beautiful, and what makes you even more beautiful is that you have learned to love yourself and not beat yourself up over what you see as an "imperfection" So glad I found your blog today! :)


    1. aww haley im glad u liked this post. thanks for all the nice things youve said. i hope u enjoy my blog!

  2. I agree! You are gorgeous the way you are :)


  3. I think that you are gorgeous lady!

    1. ahhh thanks so much girl :) that means a lot coming from one of my fav bloggers :)

  4. You look great with and without makeup. Also loving your keep clam shirt. My thigh touch to. I truly thing most people thigh touch.

  5. Plain? You look GREAT without makeup on! You are beautiful!


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