8 Tips for Writing Better Blog Content from iRetreat2014

Thursday, July 3, 2014

One of my favorite sessions during iRetreat2014 was Creating A Content Strategy for Audience Growth & Engagement.  It was presented by Joel Bullock from the blog The Coaster Critic.   I love Joel! He was a great presenter and he is a lot like me with the way he works.  Here are 8 excellent tips I took away from his session.

1. Write about topics that benefit your readers.
When you can't think of what to write about, think of what knowledge you can share to readers or what problems you can solve for them.  You are the hero/heroine so save the day for your readers.  

2. There are different ways to present information to grow your traffic.
How To posts are easy to read and tend to attract readers.   Shopping guides and lists are also a great way to prsent information.  

3. If you are out of ideas, then go get some!
Survey your readers for topics they want you to write about.  Ask your family or friends and even look at google trends.

4. Do your research to get new topics.
You can read magazines and news articles on hot button issues and integrate those as a topic for your posts.  Link to a news article and then expand on it with your own opinion.

5. Ask your readers to help YOU solve a dilemma.
If you really want to get your readers engaged, ask them a question.   Should I buy this handbag or the other one?   This is a great way to get comments on a blog post as well.

6. Comparison posts are a big hit.
People love comparing things in life so why not compare two products that are very similar and then ask your readers what they think.

7. Engage your readers.
Touch on content that might be controversial, but do so carefully.   You can be opinionated but also share the stage to get your readers takes. 

8. Strategize a way to write your content.
Writer's block is the worst, so when you do get motivated, make sure you let it all out.  Joel tried this (and I do this regularly) by sitting down and writing a BUNCH of great posts.   Then he scheduled them to post and he got to sit back and relax for several weeks as everything published itself.  If you create the content all at once, you can enjoy your free time more.  

I hope these helped get your creative juices flowing!


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  1. Great ideas! Thanksf or the tips.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. He is always one of my favorite speakers!! Great post. :)

  3. hey ellen! thanks for sharing the tips! I will definitely have to work on some of these! blogging is hard work!

  4. These are awesome tips! Thanks for sharing this!!



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