8 Summer Must-Haves (Ask Away Approved!)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

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You should know by now that I love budgeting and being frugal so I don't just go out and buy anything... but I figured I'd put together 10 items that I highly recommend because they are worth the already reasonable prices!

1. SummerSox Shoe Liners
Feet can get realllllly stinky in the summer especially when wearing shoes like Sperrys or cute flats.  I LOVE these things because they are machine washable after a few wears and they come in such gorgeous patterns. I wear them in my favorite pair of Leopard Sperrys.
Where to Buy: SummerSox
Price: $17.99

2. Ultimate Belly & Hip Shaper
Shapewear can make or break an outfit and even when you have an outfit that isn't so flattering on you, wearing a belly and hip shaper can fix that instantly. 
Where to Buy: Wink Shapewear
Price: $59.99

3. A Nude Blouse
Nude is a great neutral color and the best part about a nude blouse is that there are many matches in the average girl's closet.
Where to Buy: Esterlane
Price: $32.00

4. A Fashionable Beach Towel
Everyone needs a quality beach towel for the summer and it's easier to find where your spot on the beach is if you have a cute towel that catches the eye. 
Where to Buy: Quel Objet
Price: $80.00

5. A Stylish Summer Dress
No matter what the occassion, a summer dress is a wardrobe MUST.  It's great for indoors and outdoors but it also helps you stay cool in the heat while looking fantastic!
Where to Buy: Get Dressed
Price: $68.00

Full Offer2 100% CPA
6. Custom Hair Color Kit
It's hard to find  a hair color that really matches your natural hair so why not customize a color kit, which you can do at eSalon!
Where to Buy: eSalon
Price: $19.95

7. A Reliable Pair of Sneakers
Good quality sneakers are crucial to prevent injuries from running and being active. Never cheap out on a good investment for your feet.
Where to Buy: Reebok
Price: Varies

8. A Cute Cell Phone Case
You always want to protect your investments and with the price of phones these days, it's definitely worth purchasing a case. 
Where to Buy: JunkBoxx
Price: $14.99

Okay I lied.. I have one more.

9. Earthing Sandals
Yes, it may sound funny but my Juil sandals are my favorite sandals ever.  Go to their website and find out about their grounding properties!
Where to Buy: Juil
Price: $89.00

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