Fitness Progress// Improving My Time + Healthy Snacks

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

So I've been running almost daily for the past few weeks and I'm very proud to say that there has been some major progress.  
I am really paying attention to what I wear and investing in quality running apparel and shoes so that I can kick some serious ass in my first ever 5K at the end of August. 
 I ran 2.51 miles in just 26 minutes and 7 seconds!
Yay go me! I make sure to pace myself and whenever I feel my lungs starting to really get winded, I walk for 2 houses (on my street) then continue to run again.  It's really helped me step up my time.

As for meal planning I've been doing great except I'm growing sick of chicken as my protein source for dinner so as of this week I'll be switching to fish! I'll have more on that next week. 

And fresh fruit is an amazing snack let me tell you!!

Next thing to work on... Late night snacking.

Any tips?

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